Lottery (and the whole betting world in general) can be characterized by one central role….luck. But in some cases it seems that luck is working overtime: here are some interesting cases of “super-lucky” winners. If you decide to try to imitate them, always remember to play responsibly.

Multiply and win

A Father and son from Virginia turned a $ 5,000 prize into $ 100,000 by playing 20 identical tickets for the same lottery draw.

Robert Buckner, of King George, said that he and his father bought 20 tickets for the evening Pick 4 game organized by the Virginia Lottery.

The Buckners chose identical numbers for all 20 tickets (5, 7, 8 and 9), and each ticket won $ 5,000, allowing the two to win a total of $ 100,000.

“We’ve been playing these numbers for a long time,” said Buckner. “It’s a good feeling!”

Donna wins the lottery twice on the same day

A woman from North Carolina played the lottery twice on the same day and twice guessed the winning numbers.

Michelle Shuffler, of Granite Falls, bought two tickets that allowed her to win two prizes, one for $ 10,000 and one for a million, in two separate receivers. She and her husband, who “normally do not play the lottery”, bought the second ticket after seeing that their first ticket was a $ 10,000 winner.

Shuffler said she was “completely disbelieving” after winning the $ 10,000 first prize. She and her husband have decided to challenge fate again.

“We saw that the game had a million dollar prize,” said the woman. “So we thought, ‘Why not try again?’“. For an incredible stroke of luck, the couple won the first million prize.

Shuffler plans to use the money to help her children pay for college, and to put away some money for when she retires.

He threw away the winning ticket but managed to recover it

A Kansas man who won a $ 50,000 lottery prize had to rush back to the store when he realized he had accidentally thrown away the winning ticket.

Kevin Hayek of Topeka told that he plays Powerball (one of the best-known lotteries in the USA, similar to the Italian SuperEnalotto) every week, but admits that he only remembers sometimes taking his tickets to check them.

Hayek said he was having a coffee at a convenience store on Wednesday when he remembered that he still had two tickets from the USA Powerball draws a few days earlier.

“The first ticket the shop attendant scanned was not a winner, but when he scanned the next ticket, the car went crazy. Neither of them had ever seen anything like this, “said Hayek. “He printed a long application form, and the clerk gave it to me and put it in my pocket and went to work.”

When he got to work and started talking about the victory with a colleague, the man realized that he had left the winning ticket at the store. “When I realized I did not have a ticket, I got into the truck and went back to the store. The employee had thrown him away with a non-winning ticket! “, Said Hayek.

The man, fortunately, was able to recover his winning ticket from the trash, so he can withdraw his $ 50,000 prize. Hayek said he plans to use the payoff to pay off his debts and make a “facelift” to his bike.

Donna wins $ 50,000 after a “mysterious need” to play

A woman from Maryland won 50,000 from a scratchcard lottery ticket and said that a mysterious “need” led her to buy a ticket during the lunch break.

Rosa Moran, 48, told the Maryland Lottery officials that she was eating her lunch when she had a sudden “lot fever” attack and headed for a convenience store nearby. Many others, in their condition, would today turn to technology, turning to sites like Wanna to Win online casinos.

“I was sitting at the table for lunch, when I had the impulse to go out and play the scratchcard,” said the woman, who added that she usually buys only one ticket at a time, but curiosity led her to buy three tickets, and just the third won a prize of $ 50,000.

“I’ve never won so much, just small sums like 25 or 50 dollars,” Moran said. “I was very happy and I even cried a little. I was so excited that when I got home, I could not find the entrance to my house! “

Ticket found won $4 million to a worker

Eric De Jesus Lopez of Manassas, Virginia, did not immediately use the scratch card he had bought last April, and only several months later he found him in the middle of a pile of cards in his car when he was on lunch break : only for one case the cards and the ticket had not been thrown into the trash. Which would have been a hoax, because after having “scratched” the ticket, the man realized that it was a winning ticket, with $ 4,000,000 in prize money.

The man could not believe it: “I was rather ecstatic. I have not even slept because I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” he said. Lopez added that he now plans to use his winnings to pay off his mortgage, save money for his daughters’ college fees and possibly start his own business.