Do you dream of winning a lottery? Are you making plans as to what you’ll do with your prize money? The first thing that you have to understand is that the whole game of lottery depends upon luck. But since human is a pattern finding mammal, there are secret lottery tips that will increase your chances of winning a lottery. Here we have revealed four secret tips, read them, follow them and celebrate your winnings.

Tip # 1 On How To Win A Lottery Jackpot

Never Select the Combination that Starts and Ends with the Same Number

The probability of winning a lottery is reduced drastically if you chose a combination of numbers that start and end with the same number. So, always remember that your initial and final number must never be same.

Tip # 2 On How To Win A Lottery Jackpot

Be Consistent and Persistent

Make it a habit of playing the lottery on your way back to home from work. Never miss any of the draws. This too increases your chances of hitting a jackpot. Many people who even have won the jackpot keep playing the lottery. Think of lottery as a contribution to the society because most of the money spent on buying a lottery ticket is channeled back into the community.

Tip # 3 On How To Win A Lottery Jackpot

Pool Your Money

You can buy a large number of lotteries by pooling in the money with your friends, family and even colleagues at work. This will increase your chances of winning but remember that the jackpot money has to be divided among other players too. This division of jackpot winning won’t count much if you’ve won several million dollars.

Tip # 4 On How To Win A Lottery Jackpot

What’s The Sum of Your Combination?

Why do we care to ask? You might be thinking to yourself. The reason is that the sum of the combination of 70% of all the winning lotteries lies between 104 and 176. So, before purchasing the ticket grab a calculator to ensure that the sum of your lottery numbers lies with this range.

If you are ready to play lottery games in the US and are super optimistic about winning it sooner or later in your life then you should hit the lottery shop near your area and buy some lottery tickets keeping the aforementioned tips in mind. Alternatively, you can also purchase it online via our official website.