Lottery Ticket Wins $1M On Mega Millions

In Maryland, USA, a lottery ticket wins $1M on Mega Millions. The man accepted their prize under the name, ‘Big Hammer’, is enjoying the life of a newfound millionaire. The winner scooped $1 million and has been celebrating ever since he discovered the big news.

‘Big Hammer’ won their fortune in the Mega Millions draw that took place on the 7th of February. He was at the Crofton Bowling Centre when he bought his ticket. The ticketholder is 51-years-old and he regularly plays both Mega Millions and Powerball games because of the big jackpot sizes.

The draw that he entered on the 7th of February 2017 had a jackpot of $25 million. He instantly became the winner of $1 million after matching five main numbers. His destined numbers which he will never forget because they changed his life were 23-28-37-56-71. He just missed out on the Mega Ball 12.

There was another lucky Mega Millions winner who bought their ticket in California. They also matched five balls and won $1 million. This is the latest big win in the state of Maryland.

When lottery headquarters confirmed the winner’s ticket and advised him to come to the office to accept his check, he decided to take his brother with. He had no idea he could be the winner and even forgot he had a ticket until he was reminded by the news that a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket was won at the Crofton Bowling Centre.

Only then did he jolt into action to check his Mega Millions lottery ticket. “At first I thought it was $100,000. My brother printed out the story from the Lottery’s website and that’s how we found out it was actually a million-dollar win,” he exclaimed.

The big winner has no plans on how he would like to spend his windfall yet, but he plans to keep it safe in the bank for now until he is sure. It’s always a good idea not to rush into things.

If your lottery ticket wins, think about what you truly want out of life. Going down the same route as every other winner is truly just boring. It could be the opportunity to do what you’ve always dreamt of doing. Don’t just settling for material things.

Good luck!