Carolina Millions is a local lottery that is only played within the state of North Carolina. It is run and administered by the state. Most of the money from the sale of lottery tickets is used to fund educational institutions and various public projects. Since it is a small lottery that’s why the odds of winning are high but the maximum money that a person could win a jackpot is $1 million, lower than other popular lotteries.

On Wednesday, 30th November 2016, Kenneth Lambert won a $1 million jackpot of Carolina Millions by matching all the winning numbers. The winner has some interesting plans on using the prize money. The prize money will be paying the tuition fees of his child who will be taking admission in college soon. He also said that his wife was interested in attending the nurse practitioner’s school. The money will help her to continue her studies without worrying about the finances.

The winning lottery ticket of Carolina Millions was bought by Mr. Lambert’s wife. The lottery authorities informed the reporters that the ticket was bought from the Short Stop located on Owen Drive in Fayetteville. Mr. Lambert visited the lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Thursday. He opted to withdraw all the money in one lump sum. After all the taxes, Mr. Lambert received about $415,000.

The winner told the press reporters that when her wife informed her that he had won the jackpot he didn’t believe her. He thought that her wife was making a fool out of him, but when he realized that he truly is a jackpot winner he was shocked and spell bounded.

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