Mega Millions Millionaires

In Southeast Michigan, there are new Mega Millions millionaires in town. Amongst these new millionaires is a man who has been carrying around a winning ticket worth $1 million in his wallet for eight months!

A couple of lucky Michigan residents have been feeling the magic of good fortune after becoming newfound millionaires. Their lucky numbers came up in recent Mega Millions drawings and they couldn’t be more excited. One of them is a man from Dexter, who won $1 million and carried the ticket around in his wallet for nearly 8 months before realizing that he was the winner of a second-tier prize. In another lottery case, Michigan lottery officials had to make four phone calls before a Rochester Hills man picked up to discover he won $1 million after matching five numbers online.

That winner from Rochester Hills was 66-year-old Anthony Frabotta, who won $1 million in the January 24th drawing. He matched five white balls which were 8-42-54-63-67. He purchased that Mega Millions ticket online. ‘

“I missed a few calls from a Lansing-area phone number the day after I won. I usually don’t answer if I don’t recognize the number, but I thought somebody might need bail money or something so I picked up the phone eventually,” he explained. After officials laughed at that story, he added, “At first I also thought I had goofed something up or done something wrong. When the supervisor, Joe, said that I had won $1 million, it definitely got my attention. I just looked at the speakerphone in my office and asked him to repeat that information.”

That’s when Anthony decided to go online, open his account and see for himself that he had a $1 million prize pending. It was only then that it truly hit him that he had won big. He wants to use the winnings to support children’s charities in Metro Detroit and retire a couple of years early.

Moving on to the other big Michigan winner, Edward Anderson had a winning ticket in his wallet for eight months. He said that he doesn’t play the Mega Millions lotto often, but if he does, it’s because the jackpots are really high.

He saw how big the jackpot had gotten, so he chose to stop by a 7-Eleven store at 18210 Allen Road in Melvindale exactly eight months ago. “When I do buy tickets, I wait and check them after I’ve got several to check,” he told the Lottery.

Eight months down the line, he was clearing out his wallet when he came across the ticket. “I checked the ticket and almost had a heart attack because I bought tickets that had expired after six months!” he said. Luckily for him, Michigan lottery tickets don’t expire so fast. They are still valid for a year from the date of the drawing.

The Mega Millions millionaires winner matched five main balls which were: 6-13-21-49-50 in the June 21st draw in 2016. That earned him an instant $1 million prize. Mr. Anderson wants to use the money to cover any emergencies that might come up.

The last Mega Millions millionaires story is a player who “knew he had something good”. A lucky man from Wayne County decided to remain anonymous. He won $152,385 in the Michigan Lottery’s Club Keno add-on game called The Jack. He managed to match eight of the 20 Club Keno numbers in a ticket purchased on the 11th of February. The ticket was bought in Northville.

“I was on my way out the door at Brick’s and I saw The Jack was getting pretty high, so I decided to buy a ticket. The next day I went to my favorite party store to check the ticket. When the machine said to the retailer, I knew I had something good,” explained Mr. Anderson.