Why People Prefer to Buy Online Lottery Tickets

Most of us of legal age are aware that you can buy physical, paper lottery tickets from the store. Some of us might even remember sitting in front of the television on a particular night, waiting eagerly for the National Lottery draw. While this does evoke a certain pleasant nostalgia, there are good reasons more and more people are opting to buy their lottery tickets online.

Purchasing is Quick and Easy

No queues, no frantic rushing when the draw is mere minutes away, no starting all over when you fill in the wrong block and no frustration when the pen at the counter of your local shop doesn’t work. From the comfort of your home (or anywhere with WiFi, for that matter), your lottery ticket is only a few easy clicks away. No stress, no fuss – one less thing to worry about.

Never Lose Your Ticket

One of the great things about purchasing lotto tickets online is that you can’t lose your ticket – it exists in digital form, meaning you don’t have to worry about someone else cashing in your millions if you mislay your winning ticket.

Play International Lotteries

While the odds of winning smaller lottery draws may be slightly higher, the bigger lotteries – USA Powerball, Oz Powerball, NZ Powerball and USA Mega Millions – have an indisputably higher payoff. The largest jackpot to date for the Oz Powerball, for instance, was a mega $100 million in 2012. Since the game’s inception, an estimated $5.6 billion dollars in prize money has been won by Oz Powerball players. Thanks to the internet, now anyone can participate in this hugely popular international lottery.

Automatically Cash-in Smaller Prizes

When you win a small amount playing the lotto, it’s easy to forget to go to the shops to claim back that prize. It’s even easier to lose that ticket! You might even forgo the collection because it’s not worth the gas it takes to get to the shop! When you buy your lottery ticket online, your winnings – big and small – are automatically added to your online account!

Never Miss an OZ Powerball Draw

Gone are the days of waiting for the draw at a specific time – information is now available readily and easily, from anywhere. That means your life doesn’t have to come to a standstill when the big draw happens – you can simply check it when you’re good and ready.

Are you ready to play Oz Powerball?