Powerball Player Wins $6.5M

It’s always important to check your lottery numbers after each draw so that you don’t miss a big win! We can’t tell you how many USA Powerball lottery winners are now living in regret. Some winners have lost or forgotten about their winning tickets. They missed out on large sums of money that could have changed their lives. That is absolutely tragic.

The Powerball player is now $6.5 million richer after landing the winning ticket in a Saturday draw. The ticket was sold in Gisborne. His winning numbers were 9-11-12-22-32-36 and the bonus ball 20, along with the Powerball number 9.

The Powerball player actually won $500,000, but because he also matched the Powerball number, his prize was catapulted to over $6 million. Now, how’s that for luck! He bought his ticket from Grant Bros Lotto outlet in Gladstone Road. “It’s very exciting and we’re really happy to have changed someone’s life in this way.” said the shop owner, Renee Grant.

Renee has some information to give the press regarding the big win: “Our advice to the winners is to immediately write their name, address and telephone number on the back of the ticket for safety reasons. That proves that it’s their ticket and nobody else’s.

“We also suggest that anyone who purchased a ticket for Saturday’s draw from us to check their tickets in a Lotto store immediately, certainly before they throw them out,” added Renee. The store has never sold a first tier prize before. They are all very excited and happy that the news will drive more foot traffic to them for more business.