Life will always surprise you when you least expect it. Circumstances will arise and things will happen that push you in certain directions. For this USA Powerball winner, they missed Thanksgiving. But it was for a very valid reason. Something big came up for him…a win worth $1 million!

The Powerball winner discovered their fortune in Maryland. He won $1 million and missed Thanksgiving with his family because he was worried about his win so much.

Originally he is from Lewes, Delaware, but he was in Maryland at the time. He bought the American Powerball lottery ticket in Ocean City. The winner bought their ticket while he was staying with family during last year’s Thanksgiving. When he saw that the jackpot had risen to $359 million on the 23rd of November, they immediately had to buy a ticket.

After getting his ticket, he didn’t check it immediately after the draw had taken place. He did eventually get around to checking his results, he was speechless to find that he matched five numbers. When claiming his prize, he didn’t reveal his identity.

When lottery officials asked him how he felt when he found out he was a winner, he said: “I pulled the numbers up on my phone and compared them to my ticket. I didn’t know what to do. I was so shocked.” He called his family soon after to share the good news. The rest of the family was unable to sleep after hearing the news, as you could imagine. “He was just so excited,” said the winner’s mother. The whole family went to the offices together to claim the winnings.

Because of all the hype and excitement, the winner missed out on their Thanksgiving dinner because he was worried about his ticket. He continued feeling nervous so he locked the ticket in a safety deposit box to calm his nerves. There were also other lucky lottery winners soon after his draw had taken place. A Powerball winner from Washington was $90 million richer and a man from Pennsylvania who won $3 million at his Thanksgiving dinner.

The winner’s mother went and fetched the lottery ticket from the safety deposit box s that her son could claim the prize. “I haven’t checked on that ticket since putting it back there in November,” said the winner. Now that he has the money, he plans to buy himself a new house in Ocean City and even a boat. The rest of his money will go into is savings. He just accepted an offer for a good job at the time if his win, so he won’t be missing out on work anytime soon.

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