If you were the winner of such a big Powerball jackpot, we’re pretty sure you would like to keep your identity hidden, too, otherwise, so many people will be bugging you for a piece of your pie. They have recently come forward to claim their prize which is the 10-largest jackpot in US history.

The winner will be accepting their prize in the form of a representative. Her name is Jennifer Dzwonar and she is from a public relations firm called Borshoff. Although the winner preferred to keep their identity anonymous, they were kind enough to share a few details about themselves. They told the officials that they are from Lafayette in Indiana, situated in the metropolitan area.

Luckily for them in Indiana, the law lets winners claim jackpots by a limited liability corporation or legal trust. In this way, winners get to receive their winnings in full without having to make an appearance and show their face to the press. They get to keep their privacy.

“We can tell you that he is a Purdue graduate who works at a Lafayette manufacturing plant. This is a dream come true for the winner, and he wishes to thank the Hoosier Lottery and Powerball. He is also grateful to his wonderful family and the Greater Lafayette community,” said the representative.

Jennifer also mentioned that there are few people who know his real identity. He is apparently a middle-aged man who has lived in the same are for 10 years and considers Lafayette to be their home. “The winner is very family-oriented and close to his siblings and parents. He plans to give some money to the family to help family members pay for their education and maybe even earn an advanced degree himself. He anticipates making donations to charity, but he has made no decisions at this time,” she said.

The winner bought his ticket on the day of the draw after seeing how big the jackpot had gotten. He was super excited and decided to give his luck a try! Well, it’s a good thing that he did that because that one decision changed the rest of his life forever! “He occasionally bought a few tickets on his way to work, and on that day, he paid a little more and bought a few extra,” said his representative.

The next morning after working a long shift, the winner went to the store to check their Powerball numbers. When he saw that a winning ticket was sold in Indiana, his heart started racing at the possibility that it could be one of his!

“He remembered the Powerball was 2 and he had hit 2 on one of his lottery tickets. So he checked the numbers online, searched his ticket, stopped, reread the ticket several times and was stunned to realize that he was the winner,” she added.

His winning numbers were 10-13-28-52-61 and the Powerball number 2. He bought his ticket from a family-owned Super-Test gas station in Lafayette. The shop received a bonus of $100,000 for selling it. After taxes, the winner’s grand prize will be $189.1 million.

According to the winner’s representative, they are not sure whether they want to quit their job or not just yet, but there have been rumors that he might quit so he can give someone else a chance who is looking for a job to pay their bills.

Congratulations to the winner, and we hope to see them doing some good with all that cash! To be the next Mega Millions millionaire, enter your lucky numbers online today.