Residents’ Big Win On Mega Millions

A big win in the lottery can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere! A lifelong Hamilton County resident bought a lucky Mega Millions lottery ticket that won them a staggering $536 million in Cambridge City. A simple act of purchasing a lottery ticket has now changed the rest of her life forever. That just goes to show you how small things can lead to big happy endings.

The family who claimed this big win still currently lives in Hamilton County. They were all born and raised in Indiana, and have no plans to leave the state. They also aren’t keen on quitting their jobs just yet. This Mega Millions windfall is the largest lottery pay-payout the Hoosier lottery commission in Hamilton County.

The winner bought her winning ticket at a Speedway in Cambridge City. She was on her way out of the state for a short trip. The Mega Millions winner has bought tickets for Powerball before, but this was actually the first time they decided to play Mega Millions because of the massive jackpot up for grabs.

The purchase of five quick pick tickets was a decision on a whim as the player was pressed for time on the way to her destination. A representative of the family decided to be the one who would go to the lottery headquarters and claim the $536 million check. On the check, the big win was made out to “Warren D LLC”.
Mega Millions winnings can either be accepted in the form of a lump sum or annuity. These winners chose the lump sum. They walked away with $271 million after state and federal taxes were factored in. According to Lauren Littlefield, the family’s representative, the family’s main concern at this point in time is maintain a sense of normalcy. They have witnessed how a lot of money has the power to pull families apart and cause drastic lifestyle changes.

The ticketholders have two children and don’t have any intentions of moving away. “We are humbled and overjoyed by our Mega Millions winnings. Our priority is to maintain a sense of normalcy for the sake of our children,” explained one of the winners.

At the press conference for the acceptance of the check, the family’s representative said, “The winners are grounded, kind and caring.” The family loves Indiana.

When it came time for the family to check their results, they had actually forgotten that they had tickets! They only remembered days after the draw had taken place. When they saw the lottery results online, they couldn’t believe that what they were seeing was real. They had to reboot the computer and look again.

The family is looking forward to having the financial freedom they have always dreamed of.