SA Powerball – What’s the Catch?

The SA Powerball Lotto has seen 93 lucky winners become millionaires, and a total of over 12.8 million people win prizes. Whether or not you live in South Africa, chances are, you’ve dreamt about what you’d do if you hit the elusive jackpot. The good news is, you now have a better chance of making it to millionaires’ row because you don’t have to be limited to playing one lotto! Playing the lotto online means you have access to whatever international lottery you can dream of!

How does it work?

Most Powerball games are more or less the same, save a few minor differences. If you’ve played one, there’s no doubt you’ll easily be able to play another. When it comes to SA Powerball, it’s the same as USA Powerball in that you pick 5 numbers from the first ‘drum’ (these are the white balls, which are drawn first) and then one additional ‘Powerball’ number (this is the final red ball) from the second ‘drum’. Oz Lotto differs only in that there are 6 balls in the first drum.

Playing online is even easier than playing the ‘old-fashioned’ way. Every step of the ticket purchasing process is clear, and you can even opt to do an online ‘tour’ that shows you step-by-step what each part of the order entails.

Another benefit of ordering your Powerball or lottery ticket online is that you can easily correct mistakes. For instance, if you pick the wrong number, it’s just one click to refresh and get a chance to reselect your numbers.

As though the process wasn’t easy enough, you can also opt for the Quick Play option, which allows you to ‘quick pick’ your numbers. Quick Play automatically generates your selection, so that you don’t have to spend time agonizing over your numbers (that is unless you want to!).

What’s the Catch?

Smaller lotteries like SA Powerball tend to have smaller jackpots, but, the chances of winning are greater. Massive international lotteries like USA Powerball, the Euro Jackpot, and Mega Millions will have some pretty impressive jackpots, but you’ll be competing against a larger pool of players. The payoff, however, is undeniably tempting: the biggest Mega Millions jackpots were $640 million in 2012 and $648 million in 2013.

Best of luck – we hope you win the lotto of your dreams!