We all have dreams. Some we’ve achieved and the others are still on our list. Most of these dreams require us to have deep pockets. These dreams are the factors that keep us motivated at work. But if you win a lottery, then things can change dramatically for good. You would become carefree and pursue those money-intensive dreams. Do you think that whatever we are saying is far from reality? Well, we don’t think so, and a man who won $1.1 million ‘The Pools’ jackpot is a living proof.

On Saturday, 19th November the lotto results of ‘The Pools’ lottery were drawn and only one man from all over Australia matched it. The numbers of this lottery are drawn on the result of international, as well as local soccer games played. The winner, who wished to remain anonymous, is an old pensioner who became Australia’s newest millionaire overnight.

He told the Press reporters in an interview that he didn’t check the winning numbers for the draw on Saturday night and didn’t have the slightest hope of winning the lottery. He said that he realized the fact that he had become a millionaire after the lottery official telephoned him.

According to the lottery officials, the winner was astounded when the officer informed him about his jackpot win and he quickly asked the officer on phone about how much money he had won. He then thanked the lottery official several times over the telephone for completely changing his life.

On a question from the press reporters about how he plans to spend his prize money, the winner told that he would pay off his mortgage and would become the owner of the house. He also said that he would share his winnings with his family and would make their future secure too. The lottery winner told the media that he bought the 18-game QuickPick® online from the Lott’s official website and won $1,158,281 on the 13th game. The winning numbers for the lottery were 31, 16, 34, 33, 24, and 1, the supplementary number was 28.

Note: The amounts mentioned in the above article are all in terms of Australian Dollars (AUD).