Lotteries are common all around the world. People purchase it in the hope of winning some prize. Some lucky humans on this planet have even won the lottery jackpot that completely changed their lives for good. But unfortunately, there are some myths that have been created by people regarding lotteries. Here in this article, we aim to debunk four out of the many lottery myths.

Myth # 1 – Only low-income people buy lotteries

You must have heard this a lot, but there is no truth in this statement. Around 65% people that have an annual income of about $45,000 – $65,000 buy lotteries. Now obviously they do not crazily spend large amounts of money in the lottery, they buy them just for the thrill of it. Lotteries are popular and are played by people of every income class.

Myth # 2 – Playing the same number increase the chances of winning

Many people religiously believe it and purchase a lottery with the same numbers in the hope of winning big one day. If you too believe this then let us kill all your false hope once and for all. Statistics have proved that all the numbers have the same chances of winning and playing the same number over and over again will not increase one’s chances of winning the jackpot.

Myth # 3 – Winning more than once is impossible

Aha! Now that’s a statement that many statisticians and probability theorist used to assert. That’s because mathematically the odds of winning a lottery twice is 1 in 5.4 trillion! But it seems that the lottery doesn’t follow this mathematical rule. There are many instances where people won lotteries twice. The recent example is the case of David and Kathleen Long, a UK couple, they defied all the odds and went on to win the lottery first in 2013 and then in 2015.

 Myth # 4 – Choosing hot and cold numbers increases the chances of winning

There are many lotto punters out there that will lead you into believing that the winning lottery numbers can be predicted. Their rationale is that some numbers are more frequently drawn than the others. Using this, they believe that they can increase their chances of winning a lottery. On the other hand, statisticians believe that the numbers drawn are completely random thus, there is no point in choosing the hot and cold numbers.