There’s a Reason USA Powerball is so Popular…

Play USA Mega Millions gives you the chance to participate in a whole range of international lottery games, including USA Powerball, Mega Millions, Oz Lotto, SA Powerball and NZ Powerball. It doesn’t matter what country you’re from, or where you live – anyone can be part of this global phenomenon and become rich overnight. All it takes is that one ticket.

Hey, Hey, U-S-A!

Did you know that the USA Powerball is the biggest lottery draw in the world? Not surprising, because let’s be honest – when it comes to American lotteries, you go big, or you go home! This massive game has grown even bigger since online players across the globe joined in the fun, and holds the record largest jackpot to have ever been won. Prepare yourself, because this number will make your head spin: a whopping $1.5 billion is the record, and it’ll be one that’s hard to beat!

Players don’t Affect Pay-out

If that record number isn’t enough to convince you that the USA Powerball is worth the gamble, there’s another reason people flock to buy tickets. Unlike the SA Lotto, Lotto Plus and Powerball, the USA Powerball prizes (except for the jackpot) are fixed amounts. That means that it doesn’t matter how many people win in their tier – the prize will always be the same. Considering more people are entering the USA Powerball than ever, that should a reassuring piece of information.

Easy as (American) Pie

Powerball is what is known as a two-drum lottery draw. When you purchase your Powerball ticket, you need to choose 5 numbers (between 1 and 69) from the first white ‘drum’. Then, you need to choose 1 number (between 1 and 26) from the second ‘red’ drum. The number drawn from the red drum is your Powerball number. You can either pick your numbers manually or use the ‘quick pick’ option. The choice is yours!

Play to Win!

So now you know how to play Powerball, but how do you win it?! Winning the life-changing jackpot means all 5 of your white balls, as well as the 1 red Powerball, need to match the winning numbers. Remember: the order of the white balls drawn doesn’t matter; so long as your actual selection matches up, you’re in the clear.

Now you know what the USA Powerball is all about. The only thing standing in your way are a few numbers and a ticket. Buy your Powerball tickets online, right here.